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of the land of Tennessee

Your English teacher is now "rolling over in her grave" due to that Title being a prepositional phrase, right? I know, I know, it's like nails on a chalkboard, as my 7th grade English teacher would always tell us.

The problem is, everything we have been taught throughout our entire indoctrination years must be questioned.

How do we know that the education was not just an education, but rather an indoctrination? The answer is simple.... Archives.

When we take the time to look at the history, not just the history that we were told about, but the history that was written down on paper and recorded on the land, we experience an enlightenment of sort.

The odd thing is, the truth was never hidden from us, it was just never taught. The one trade they taught us, research tools and procedures, was the most valuable lesson your teacher ever gifted you.

It is time to use them to bring forth the truth in our history and then show that truth to others.

"Sometimes you can't tell people, you have to show them." is not just a catchy phrase. It's fact.

We are moving through a fascinating moment in human history, where the students are now becoming the teachers of history. We are not rewriting history in the aspect of changing fact and truth, we are simply reteaching history from the writings recorded in our archives, on cave walls, and in the spirits of our ancestors. Those ancestors, men and women who lived through the difficult trials and tribulations, provided us the opportunity to step forward in this moment in time freely and without fear.

In this precise moment in time, we are tapping into their experiences and spirit to find the courage to follow in their footsteps to bring forth a rebirth of true independence under God's Law, not the law of man.

This conviction of true independence was so deeply rooted in our ancestors of the land of Tennessee that during the Civil War period, men not only led a charge to cede from the union of States and join the Confederate States of America, men right here on the land of Tennessee ceded from Tennessee itself!

Within the concerted souls in Scott County Tennessee, the spirit of conviction in their beliefs was so great that they actually created their own State. The State of Scott.

Similarly, in 1846 after the federal declaration of war with Mexico, a call for Volunteers was issued by President James K. Polk. Tennessee, Polk's home state, was asked for 2,600 Volunteers; However, 30,000 men responded, which propagated the name "The Volunteer State". The men of Tennessee would forever be known as "Volunteers".

As we learn more about our forefathers and the courage they kept in the face of adversity, invasion, and conflict, we are reminded that the price of Freedom is eternal vigilance. We can never give up hope for a better tomorrow or lose sight of the true reason the Volunteers of Tennessee stood tall when called to defend what was right and just.

Join us as we navigate our true and accurate history of the land of Tennessee! Become a member of this site to get updates as we post them, and feel free to email us at

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