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When does it end?

When monitoring social media comments and discussion boards you will notice a wide array of questions from folks.

Most often they want to know things that concern them in the immediate, such as "When will rent go down?", "When do we get back affordable groceries?", "How do we stop them from sending our money to other countries when we can't get the homeless taken care of right here in America?" The list of "When does it end?" is enormous.

While those are excellent questions, they can all be answered with one response. The Military Law of War Manual tells us exactly when we can end the tyranny that has taken over our daily lives.

Now you may ask, what does the Military Law of War Manual have to do with ending the inflation, endless money lending, and the constant restrictive laws being passed that are against the wishes of the people?

There is no mistaking the truth that our nation was overtaken by foreign actors. Literal invaders. The better description of who they are is belligerent occupiers.

The most common realization of this truth are the events surrounding the 2020 election. There is little doubt that there was foreign and domestic interference in our election for that year.

Free and Fair elections are the foundation of our Constitution. It is how "We the People" ensure that the representation that we choose is sent to vote the voice of the people.

In interfering with that free and fair process, it can be considered nothing more than an act of war by a foreign enemy, or an act of treason by a domestic enemy.

For this reason, EO13848 was put into effect in 2018.

Due to the fact that this EO was never rescinded after Trump left the Executive Office, the full weight of this EO is still in effect.

How do you know we are under belligerent occupation? The signs are all right there in front of everyone, if they dare to look.

As Derek Johnson, former country music star and former military man explains in all of his social media posts, and MonkeyWerx , who provides regular sit reps on YouTube, there is military activity daily in the air and on the ground in and around our country. We ARE in a state of War!

This begs the question, "If we are at war and our military is in control, why don't they take down the media?" There's a simple answer right in the Law of War Manual:

The ones who stole your election have actually been the occupying power for much longer than the 2020 election. This is a simple truth. Who they are might be a more surprising fact.

The archival records for both the FEDERAL and STATE Governments prove this to be truth. They (belligerent occupiers) actually took control OVERTLY since the Kennedy Administration. Although the corruption and occupation began many years before, it hit the surface for all to see the day that Kennedy was killed in Dallas.

So now the question arises from many that I have had the liberty of speaking with as I travel the state of Tennessee, "When does this corruption end?"

It is a valid question and if you ask many of the 70-80 year old range, they will either tell you "It won't because it's been going on too long", or they will tell you "When the folks have had enough of it".

Once again, the opinions are still divided enough not to have a consensus on what to do, so we have to look to the Law of War Manual:

The true answer to "When does it end?" is right there. When We the People of the land rise as a local population.

The issue is, we need to learn how to self govern. Gone are the days of the two party system running things without hearing our voice. As our founders of this state did from 1790 - 1834 they managed their local communities without having to be told what Statute and Code to follow. They did so successfully.

Don't believe me? Just take a trip to the State Archives and start reading. It's all right there.

It will take some time to figure out what it means to be self-governed. For far too long we have relied on someone else to make our decisions. We believed that we could vote for someone and send them on their way to have our best interests at heart, then vote accordingly. That has not worked out for us.

Now, if you're thinking it is going to take too many years to arrive at that self-governing mindset, you could not be further from the truth. How do you know?

Start asking folk what does it mean to be a self-governed community. Get their description and see how much of a variation it is from yours.

You should then invite that person to a gathering. Set a time and a place for that gathering. Then have them invite another like minded person or two.

Once you get them in one place for a discussion, you've done the toughest part of rising a republic. The next step is to keep them engaged and informed.

Challenge them to a specific task:

* Maybe it is to review the 1796 & 1834 Tennessee Constitutions. Why? Because the outline to self-governance is in the old papers.

* Maybe you could encourage them to create a swap meet for barter. (There is no better self-governing tool than to set fair prices for your things and trade fairly with someone else. It is the practice of principles of equity and reciprocity. These two are the founding principles of a republic)

If you have questions and need support, feel free to reach out to us at and our men and women who have already started putting these things into practice will be happy to offer support. We volunteer our time. After all, we ARE the Volunteer State! We can attend your first gathering and offer testimony and informational resources for your neighbors. We can host a class on Common Law vs Admiralty Law.

Before you know it, you'll have a community of men and women ready to take the reins as the civil authority, as the republic.

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