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The Court as well as the Clergy

A true Constitutional republic can not function without Law and Order as a founding principle. So let's discuss the importance of both the Court as well as the Clergy in the foundational structure of a republic.

Law and Order....

Law and Order isn't just to control the behavior of the people in a territory. Law and Order is also to control the elected representatives from usurping the rights of the people.

The Common Law Court established by the people in a township or county can help to keep the peace amongst the townsfolk. It can also be very effective to subdue any power grabs by egotistical individuals in authority.

The court paneled by the local electors is a necessary tool in ensuring the elected officials do not become tyrannical.

While the church is to teach the morals and values we are to practice in our daily lives, the court is there to enforce them when men fail. The two institutions are to work in tandem in a true republic.

Much is often said about the "Separation of Church and State", yet in our archival records we see time and time again how the two intertwined and were dependent upon each other in numerous ways.

The only reason that phrase became widely spread likens back to the British who blamed the "Black Robe Regiment" for the spirit and conviction in which the American Colonists fought. Knowing that strength, it became a necessity to remove the connection in order to regain control of the people. It was also vital in manipulating their morals to stray away from their Godly foundation.

The protestant pastors of the colonial churches taught the word of God as it should have been taught. They encouraged their congregation to read the bible daily and defend their liberty to do so. The pastors taught the rights of the people granted to them by their Creator as well as the biblical history of the oppression of man through time.

The pastors knew that a properly educated man would be better prepared to defend himself and his family should evil come to their doorstep. Not only that, but the people were taught to identify that evil.

While the British Anglican Church was being forced upon the colonists, the British appointed Governor was attempting to revoke the duly elected governments, and seize their Charters in the colonies in order to regain control. With each step, it was the reverends that led the opposition and push back to the British tyranny. Some pastors were jailed for their actions, while others stepped to the forefront, denouncing the British during the Boston Massacre.

Colonial Reverends leading by example and educating the congregation is exemplified time and time again in our archival records.

This is why, over time, the government began to sever the connection between the rights provided in the founding of our nation and the God given rights of the reverends to education to the congregation on the true history of how to recognize and defend against tyranny.

The common law courts are often considered the 4th branch of Government; However, if you really examine the historical record, the Black Robe Regiment was actually that 4th branch of Government. They protected their congregation often with their very lives.

In order to reestablish our republic under the Law's of Nature, and of Nature's God, we must restore both the Common Law Court as well as the Black Robe Clergy.

Our society as been inundated by evil. This has not happened overnight, it happened over time, before our very eyes. The first step in accomplishing this destruction of morality and principles was to remove the ability of the clergy to preach about governmental tyranny through the usurpation of man's God given rights.

This must be restored immediately!

We must restore the freedom to choose our clergy to help guide us to be a peaceful, productive body politic and a peaceful, productive people for generations to come.

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