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Health & Healing should not be restricted by Government

In this generation of Americans, we have found the most unhealthy population in history. It is by design, actually. The out of control regulations and restrictions on everything we consume as a food source, to include changing the ingredients of the food processed to be harmful are by design.

Once we are overweight and riddled with disease through that man made, processed food, then the government restricts God's natural remedies and propagates man made pharmaceutical drugs and treatment. The reason is simple really.... Love of Money.

We are taught that "Love of Money is the root of all Evil" but we don't grasp the magnitude of that statement until we start looking at ourselves from a 40,000 ft view. Don't just evaluate yourself, take a genuine gander at the people around you, the ones you love. How much damage and destruction has the "system" forced upon them?

If you've ever had a loved one suffer the pain and misery of cancer, and realize that the one thing that would truly alleviate their pain is a plant, grown naturally, but that this plant is not available to ease their suffering because the government said it was prohibited, you'll relate to my message today.

It is enlightening to say the least, to learn that the process of common law contracts provide the ability to obtain holistic healing and integrated medical treatments. This is done in order to bypass the government control of healthcare decisions. The most interesting thing is that all of this came about by the will of the people that I travel and meet across this beautiful land of Tennessee.

The people want change. I am just one of them. As a result, we are creating that change, together. On January 28th, 2023 there will be a Holistic Healing/Integrated Medical Conference held in Maryville, Tennessee. We will be hearing from holistic practitioners, herbalists, and specialists in the quantum healing field. The people of Tennessee will be bringing you God's divine knowledge and techniques to treat disease without big pharma or government interference.

There is a lawful remedy for We the People. Join us to learn about these treatments, as well as information and process of common law contracts. You do not have to be a Tennessean to learn how to navigate Holistic Healing/Integrated Medicine under common law in a Constitutional republic.

Help support our movement. Click the image below to purchase tickets on Eventbrite for this event.

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