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Our Goal:

Re-educate Tennesseans, by unraveling the Fraud of the Corporation, so they may reform their republic under Common Law. 

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Learning a new way to do business among like minded people will be key in the republic. Paper money is not really valuable, as we all know, it is simply a Note (a promissory note, to be exact). 

Click the cubes to unlock the information on the history of barter and the proper way to pay for things in a republic.  

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Natchez Trace.jpg


Inspired by the men and women who sacrificed to build the territory south of the River Ohio into a home to be cherished and preserved for future generations.  We the People of the land of Tennessee, declare our home Free and our bodies unalienable from the corporation that has overtaken our sovereign lands and it's people. God willing, we will see our beautiful home restored to it's original republic, the free and independent Tennessee republic. 

Our Mission

We work to ensure the men and women of  Tennessee have the knowledge, resources and support to make a real change in counties. We will assist the men and women of the county to re-institute the common law and establish their common law community. We see our engagement as collective efforts and tools for connecting and building a stronger Tennessean under the common law of the land.  Click Here                to help us continue the mission.

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The Tennessee republic study group has built an environment of support and helpful resources to make sure that Partnership is always a priority.


Tennesseans have a passion for freedom as strong as their creativity for music! If you are searching for truth in becoming a part of a free and independent republic, reach out to us! 


Our success is driven by the hearts, minds, and souls of our community.

Come and join us.

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S.W. Territory Map 1795

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