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Natural Medicine

Holistic Healing / Integrated Medicine

Holistic Healing is a lost art in most modern places. The Beast System has designed Pharmakeia (φᾰρμᾰκείᾱ) to be the primary resource to fight disease. We know that this is actually a practice of witchcraft rather than God's resources for healing. 

We are partnering with holistic and integrated healers in Tennessee. Resources are posted here for you.

You can also email for information and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat.  

For Veterans, there are more and more resources coming available to you here in Tennessee that is  outside of the VA system. 

Join our partners to get the technology that you can not get in the VA Healthcare system. 


Knowledge gives you the power to institute change.

video resources for your education and research.

The Truth about Cancer

Master Mineral Solution

When you research the use of MMS, specifically the resource put together by Jim Humble, you will find  the Health Recovery Plan (HRP).  There are several Protocols to follow, for every disease known to man.

Click the image below to go to the site that started it all in Tennessee.  Get started on your health recovery journey today. 

Healing Network

We have put together a wonderful Holistic Healing/Integrated Medical Network on the land of Tennessee. 

Our first big event was the Healing Conference

 held January 28, 2023 at the Blount County Library in Maryville, Tennessee. 

click the link below to watch the 7.5 hour conference. 

Yoga in Nature

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