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Private Membership Association

Private Ministerial Associations and Private Membership Associations, both referred to as a PMA, are the very foundation of private business.  

Have you ever wondered how a Naturopathic physician practices holistic medicine in a state that has laws prohibiting such medical practice?

Doing business in the private takes on a constitutional protection when you have the PMA structure in place.

Through PMAs, businesses can operate within the guidelines of their own rules and regulations, providing protection to their members and enjoying freedoms that public law may prohibit.

It is vital that the PMA is properly formed in order for members and business owners to have the benefits and constitutional protections the PMA provides.

Establishing your private business in Tennessee

A multitude of private business owners have already established themselves on the land of Tennessee. You can join them by properly forming your PMA today! 

Reach out to us via text at 931-994-2725 to schedule your free PMA consultation. We have experts ready to assist you in creating the documents you need to operate in the private. 

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